Rotary Eldercare & Caregivers Centre

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How did the opportunity arise?

Eldercare & Caregivers Centre
The first of its kind in Singapore

The idea came about in 2017 after Ms Low Yen Ling, mayor or South West District & advisor to Bukit Gombak and its grassroots initiated a Rotary Family Service Centre-led project to develop and operate a separate service centre catering to the seniors, their caregivers and families.

The following key considerations were met:

  1. The idea was inline with the governments focus on the needs of seniors and their caregivers
  2. Fruitfully consulted MOH, AIC & SNEC on directions and support
  3. There is a sizeable population which could benefit from the centre – approximately 2,500 seniors & their caregivers living around Bukit Batok West Ave 5
  4. A space of about 460m2 at Blk 386 Bukit Batok West Ave 5 happens to be available
  5. Submission of funding application to Tote Board’s Community Healthcare Fund for seed capital and Centre’s programme funding via AIC where a favourable response is expected.

Our Concept

Person In Environment Ageing in Place

Our Focus The elderly and caregiver as individuals


A 3-pronged approach to provide all-rounded support and balance to seniors and caregivers in a well-connected community in order for them to thrive – Nurture, support and wellness

Projected Budget

  • Capital Expenditure: $465,000 (460m2)
  • Operational Expenditure (includes Manpower Costs for 3 staff + Operating Costs)
  • 1st Year:  $281,125 (55% – Manpower Costs)
  • 2nd Year:  $285,281
  • 3rd Year:  $290,635
  • Total for 3 Years: $1.32 million (Total Projected: $1.5 million to include 10% buffer & rounding up)

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